Ten Years of Shade

December 8, 2023 • Leah Call

First Shade Haven ever sold still going strong at Breezy View Dairy More than a decade has passed since Shade Haven LLC introduced a breakthrough mobile shade structure that is built to… Read more »

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Grazing Matters

October 4, 2023 • Leah Call

Film series uncovers the benefits of adaptive multi-paddock grazing The new docu-series Roots So Deep (You Can See the Devil Down There) is a culmination of nearly a decade of… Read more »

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Hayou Sheep Graze with Shade

April 21, 2023 • Leah Call

First generation farmers, Adam and Allison Young purchased their Staunton, Virginia-based farm, Hayou Farm, in 2018. With minimal infrastructure in place, they started with fencing; then came the sheep. Today,… Read more »

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3 Golden Rules of Grazing

April 5, 2023 • Leah Call

Grazing guru Dr. Allen Williams shares insight on adaptive grazing rules and how he uses Shade Havens in his own grazing practice. Dr. Williams is a sixth-generation farmer and the founder of… Read more »

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Funding for Mobile Shade

September 12, 2022 • Leah Call

By Reed Doerr, Shade Haven President With inflation dominating the headlines, wouldn’t it be nice to get a break on the cost of something that improves the lives and health… Read more »

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Grazing Right in Missouri

August 17, 2020 • Leah Call

When Ron Locke gets into something, he is all in. After retiring from the Air Force 20 years ago, this southwest Missouri farmer got into raising registered Angus beef cattle…. Read more »

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