Our Story

Our Mission

We create serene environments through the use of technology. We believe that the best route to solving problems is through quality and integrity. Our products are designed to last, simple to use, and are user friendly. As a company our goal is to provide lasting solutions to consumers. We just happen to build the world’s best mobile shade structures.

Moving the Shade, Moving the Cows, Moving the World

Shade Haven was founded in 2012 on a dairy farm in Coon Valley, Wisconsin, by a team of innovative farmers and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Vince Hundt, a long-time dairy farmer, heavy equipment inventor and salesman watched his animals suffer in the hot summer sun on his pastured dairy operation and knew there was a better way to keep his animals comfortable and productive.

Vince looked for something on the market, but didn’t find anything robust enough or large enough for his whole herd that could be easily moved. Vince decided he would build something. That is when he partnered with Guthrie Knapp and Peter Bergquist, both recent graduates with degrees in Architectural studies and Civil Engineering, respectively. The team of three were eager to find a solution to meet Vince’s needs, and Guthrie and Peter developed the first Shade Haven in the summer of 2012.

After the successful prototype was tested on the farm, some changes were made to the design before bringing it to market. The first models were sold in early 2013. Today Shade Haven mobile shade structures can be found throughout the U.S. and internationally on grazing dairy and beef farms and other diversified livestock farms. Our product has proven to be a lasting solution to heat stress in livestock and allows the farmer for the first time to be able control shade where it’s needed. For Shade Haven farmers, shade is the last necessary component to grazing successfully. Move the fence, move the water, and move the shade.