Shade = More Production at Idyll Farms

September 5, 2023 • Leah Call

The increased production possible with Shade Haven mobile shade systems has perhaps never been as obvious as it is at Idyll Farms in Northport, Michigan. This regenerative farm grazes 120 Alpine dairy… Read more »

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Busy Little Farm Needs Shade

June 12, 2023 • Leah Call

The Shade Haven SH600 mobile shade system at Doyle Farm in Dixon, California, fits perfectly with the farm’s holistic agriculture model. With a Shade Haven, the farm maximizes land use… Read more »

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The Smallest Living Things

May 2, 2023 • Leah Call

Shade Haven is part of the radical change needed in our food system. Lewis Family Farm in Essex, NY, is one of many farms using Shade Havens to improve animal welfare,… Read more »

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Hayou Sheep Graze with Shade

April 21, 2023 • Leah Call

First generation farmers, Adam and Allison Young purchased their Staunton, Virginia-based farm, Hayou Farm, in 2018. With minimal infrastructure in place, they started with fencing; then came the sheep. Today,… Read more »

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Minnesota Grazing

December 13, 2022 • Leah Call

Mike and Bridget Klein heal the land with cattle Since moving to their 40-acre farm in Eden Valley, Minnesota in 2006, Mike and Bridget Klein have been rotational grazing to… Read more »

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Grazing Right in Missouri

August 17, 2020 • Leah Call

When Ron Locke gets into something, he is all in. After retiring from the Air Force 20 years ago, this southwest Missouri farmer got into raising registered Angus beef cattle…. Read more »

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