Shade where you need it

The Shade Haven is a portable shade structure that can be easily moved to throw shade exactly where you need it. Available in multiple sizes for up to 1,200 square feet of shaded area, the Shade Haven protects livestock or poultry from potential heat stress and discomfort. Maximize available land by adding shade anywhere to make more useful and self-sustaining pastures anywhere in the world.



High quality & durable

Depending on climate and weather conditions, a structure can last for many years.


Steel Frame

Designed and manufactured with a heavy-duty powder coated steel frame, galvanized steel structural tubing, as well as stainless steel and galvanized hardware, these structures can to handle high sustained winds of 35 mph and gusts to 50 mph.


Easy to deply

Easy to deploy or stow by a single user in minutes with no special tools or equipment.



Pulls easily with a 4-wheeler to put shade exactly where you need it.


Generates Breeze

The shade cloth construction creates airflow and generates its own soft breeze as air is pulled upward through the canopy providing additional comfort for the livestock.


Sun Protection

UV resistant, polypropylene knit shade cloth provides maximum protection from the sun’s rays.


No Power Required

No electricity or other power source is required to set up a Shade Haven mobile shade structure.



The Shade Haven mobile shade structure is available in multiple sizes for up to 1,200 square feet of shaded area.

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Shade Pays

Providing shade for your animals isn't just the humane thing to do - it pays! Heat stressed animals show decreased feed intake, weight gain, milk yields, and more.



Happy Customers

We've sold Shade Havens all around the world, from the Midwest to the Middle East. And whether they are in Dubuque or Dubai, our customers have good things to say.







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