Grants for Graziers

It’s time to start planning for the next grazing season.

Could you use some cash for your pasture or animal health improvement project? The options listed below could help fund your project, whether it’s mobile shade, movable fencing or something else.

Option #1
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) – Provides financial assistance to eligible agricultural producers to implement conservation practices that improve soil, water, plants, animal health, air and other natural resources. To apply for EQIP funding, visit your local NRCS field office, in your local USDA Service Center.  More information and links to state programs here .

Option #2
Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT) – Pasture Improvement Grants contribute $2,500 toward qualifying projects to improve pasture and grazing systems and overall welfare of livestock.  Last year $66,000 was awarded to 28 independent family farmers in 19 states.

Option #3 – Ask us about financing arrangements for purchases made in 2018. This is not a grant, but it is a way to make adding mobile shade to your 2019 grazing plan a little easier.

Disclaimer: Option 1 and 2 are not Shade Haven sponsored programs. Grant awards and funding decisions are made entirely by NRCS and FACT.