“This in my view is a movable tree...Shade Haven allows you to move nutrients where you want them.”
-Jim Munsch, Coon Valley, WI

“I will never farm again without one. You can just tell how much the cows love it!”
-Harold Eichelkraut, Jr., Belleville, WI

“I love it, easy to move, easy to use."
-Suzanne Nelson, Graham, NC

“The advantage of the Shade Haven is you can put the shade on the top of a knoll where most of the air flows. Even when it is not very windy, you still get fresh air moving across, and if you move the shades daily, you are on fresh ground and fresh lie down area every day.”
- Jim Powell, Limestone, TN

“The Shade Haven is so easy to move my 12-year old nephew can move it.”
- Ben Wissinger, Sinking Spring, PA

“Enjoy using it and happy for making it a part of my farm.”
-Sam Stewart, Salt Lake City, UT

“Easy to move. You can't beat it. I plan to buy another one.”

-Clint Seckman, Forest, VA

“The Shade Haven is so easy to fold up, I can jump on the 4-wheeler and be back in 10 minutes.”
-Ben Taylor, Bedford, VA

“Really tickled: it worked out great. It was a wise investment.”
-Kevin Moyer, Sparta, TN

“We move the Shade Haven every five days, and we have noticed amazing fertility, health and vigor. There are round patches in the pasture where ever we put the Shade Haven. The grass that comes up there is so lush and vibrant. It’s phenomenal.”
- Andrea Young, Delaplane, VA

“It’s wonderful: all you have to do is move it and the cows follow.”
-Spencer Martin, Caneyville, KY

“Best engineered thing I have ever seen.”
-Ben Taylor, Bedford, VA

“Hasn’t blown away even after a storm that took down tree branches all over the farm.”
-Bob Winkel, Waupun, WI

“I really enjoy using the Shade Haven: it is easy to move, built well, and I know it will last for years to come.”
-Carolyn Stoltzfus, E. Fallowfield, PA

“The cows enjoy having shade.”
-Eric Campbell, Ennis, TX