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Mobile Shade Solutions

Founded in 2012, Shade Haven is known for high-quality, durable mobile shade structures used around the world.

The Shade Haven mobile shade system was first engineered to serve farmers and ranchers wanting to protect their grazing livestock from the hot summer sun. With increasing temperature extremes created by climate change, we recognized the need for a quick, portable shade solution to protect human health.

Our team of engineers went to work modifying our existing Shade Haven design. We added hydraulic-controlled shade positioning, retractable bench seating, and solar-powered lighting and charge stations.

These customizable shade structures have provided much-needed relief at community festivals, concerts, sporting events, street markets, work sites and film production sets.

The health impacts of heat stress can be severe. The team at Shade Haven is proud to market a product that not only increases comfort and enjoyment, but also saves lives.

Our shade story is far from over. We care about people, animals, and the planet. And we will continue to manufacture products that improve the lives of all living creatures.