Our 2023 Shade Journey

As we stand at the dawn of a new year, I can’t help but reflect on the remarkable journey Shade Haven has undertaken in 2023. Despite looming economic uncertainty, our team not only weathered the storm – and the hottest summer on record – but emerged stronger and poised for an even brighter future.

The year began with a sense of apprehension. Inflationary pressures cast doubt on farmer spending, and a volatile supply chain threatened material availability and cost stability. Yet, amidst these challenges, the Shade Haven spirit shone brighter than ever. We leveraged our industry expertise and solid customer relationships to navigate the choppy waters. We prioritized agility, adapting our production schedules and sourcing strategies to stay ahead of the curve. Most importantly, we never lost sight of our core values – integrity, innovation, and dedication to regenerative grazing practices.

In 2023, we transitioned from a leased facility to our own facilities where we have greater control over manufacturing and assembly. The move signifies our long-term vision, our unwavering belief in the future of regenerative agriculture and our role in shaping it. With control over production processes and a culture of innovation, the stage is set for future growth and product development.

This year we delivered shades to customers in 20 states as well as Canada and Europe. Despite the turbulence of 2023, we remain the industry’s most trusted mobile shade solution. The demand for our mobile shade systems during the hottest summer on record demonstrates the importance and the long-term benefits of our products. As temps continue to soar, we are committed to helping farmers protect their livestock, profits and the planet.

Shade Haven has always been more than just an agricultural equipment company. We are a community of passionate individuals united by a shared purpose – to cultivate a better future for agriculture.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Stay Cool,

Reed Doerr, Shade Haven President