Mobile grazing shade

Sustainable agriculture respects the land, respects the needs of the animals, and focuses on producing high quality food. Portable shade provides meaningful comfort to your whole herd and creates a healthier pasture, which adds to your pockets. It is as simple as moving the fence, moving the water, and moving the shade. Rotational grazing has never been easier. Cool cattle do better.

Don’t just take our word for it, find out more how farmers like you are improving their grazing practices with mobile shade throughout the United States and the world.


Shade Pays

Providing shade for your animals isn't just the humane thing to do - it pays! Heat stressed animals show decreased feed intake, weight gain, milk yields, and more.



Happy Customers

We've sold Shade Havens all around the world, from the Midwest to the Middle East. And whether they are in Dubuque or Dubai, our customers have good things to say.




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