The Shade Haven Company

Mobile shade structures for grazing livestock and events

I will never farm again without one. You can tell how much the cows love it.”
-J. Eichelkraut, Breezy View Dairy


Shade is an essential part of any rotational grazing system. Portable shade is the smart farmer’s answer to treeless fields and exposed paddocks. The Shade Haven is easy to move and quick to set up – giving your animals relief where they need it.

The Shade Haven’s unique, patented, round shape maximizes the amount of shade while minimizing the area of the supporting structure.

If your wondering where the inspiration for the Shade Haven came from--just look to the cows. Growing the happiest animals around is something that is pushing farmers to do things better--and it's something that the Shade Haven company is trying to make that much easier.
Happy Holidays.
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