Shade where you need it

The Shade Haven is a portable shade structure that can be easily moved to throw shade exactly where you need it. Its 40-foot-wide shade cloth provides 1,200 square feet of shaded area that can be deployed or stowed by a single user in minutes. In the right conditions, the Shade Haven will even create its own soft breeze as air is pulled upward through the canopy.

The Shade Haven is currently being used in 18 states and 3 countries in applications ranging from rotational grazing systems to trade shows and music festivals.

Shade Haven mobile shade structures are manufactured in Viroqua, Wisconsin, USA with the highest quality “Made in the USA” components.

The mobile shade solution for:



Cool cattle do better. Learn how farmers around the world are benefiting from mobile shade.



Events & Industry

Protect your guests, assets, and personnel. A Shade Haven can be set up or relocated in minutes.

Events & Industry